4th Gen Chef Bios

4th Generation Market - Chef Collin

Collin Cook

A talented and creative chef, Collin has been with 4th Generation since it’s inception in 2009.   Originally a pre-med student, Collin worked as a line cook.  When he realized the healing power of a raw and vegan lifestyle, he knew this was what he wanted to pursue. He felt that healing people through food would be more rewarding and raw/vegan cooking became his passion and career.  The rest is history!  In addition, Collin has been the Guest Lecture Speaker for the National Health Convention in 2010 and 2011. He also gives raw food prep classes at 4th Generation.  Collin is recently married, a musician, history buff and loves animals.


 4th Generation Market - Chef Claire


Claire Measel

A talented and creative baker, Claire has been with 4th Generation since its inception in 2009.  She was raised in a family who instilled the importance of organic foods and a healthy lifestyle.  She developed a passion for healthy cooking at a young age and has been in the business for 28 years.  Claire is very knowledgeable about vegan, raw and gluten free baking and her desserts are awesome.  Claire enjoys cooking and heirloom gardening at home, urban farm composting and she is building a top bar beehive. 


4th Generation - Chef Ricardo


Ricardo Arias

A talented and creative chef, Ricardo has been with 4th Generation since its inception in 2009.  Ricardo has been a chef for over 30 years.  In later years he became very passionate about cooking and living a healthy lifestyle.  A seasoned chef, he prepares many of our delicious hot and cold foods.  Ricardo starts his days off every morning by running 5 miles!



4th Generation - Chef Adilson

Adilson Andrade

A talented and creative chef, Adilson has been with 4th Generation since its inception in 2009.  Adilson has been a chef for the last 12 years.  He began as a private chef on L.I., New York and in the hotel industry.  He decided to go to Culinary Arts School to get his degree in Culinary/Pastry.   He has a passion for both cooking and baking.  With his classical culinary background, he prepares our delicious traditional organic hot foods as well as non-vegan desserts.  Adilson is very athletic and enjoys going to the gym, playing racquet ball and going to the beach.