Raw Food

A Bit of Background...

The principles of Raw Foodism are rooted in the landmark works of Dr. Edward Howell, a noted scientist in the area of enzyme research, Dr. Arnold Ehret, a German Scientist held as the Father of Naturopathy, and Dr. Weston Price, a dentist famous for his study of isolated, nonindustrialized people.  Essentially it’s all about the enzymes.  Enzymes are proteins that are in all living cells, both plant and animal; they are in broccoli as well as in our own digestive tract.  Enzymes are catalysts for every chemical reaction in the human body: from food digestion, to energy production, to tissue repair, to hormone development.  Without enzymes, we would cease to live.
What the aforementioned scientists discovered separately was that the enzymes in our food operate only up to a certain point.  It’s widely debated, but most experts agree that somewhere above 105-118 degrees Fahrenheit, most, if not all, enzymes are destroyed, rendering them useless.  Therefore, cooking your food not only destroys the enzymes but many water-soluble vitamins and phytochemicals as well.  Considering it is already an accepted fact that we are all born with a finite amount of endogenous enzymes, it logically follows that the more exogenous enzymes we take in (those we can obtain through our food), the less enzymes we have to expend.  There is now very clear evidence of a correlation between the level of enzymes in your diet and your overall health and they are in direct proportion:  the more enzymatically alive your food is, the greater your level of health will be.


Raw Foodism, or Rawism, or Living Foodism is a dietary lifestyle that advocates the consumption of uncooked, unprocessed foods in as close to their natural state as possible.  Often, but not always, Rawism is based on the fundamental principles of Veganism and Organic foods; there are some people who choose to eat raw dairy, eggs, and in some extreme cases, raw meat.  Generally speaking, if a person’s total raw food consumption falls somewhere between 60-100% then he or she is considered to be a Raw Foodist or Living Foodist.

Health Benefits

People adhering to a mostly Raw and Living Diet generally report many extreme health benefits such as:
Abundant energy
Better digestion and increased absorption of nutrients
Enhanced and more youthful physical appearance
Deeper sense of spirituality and mindfulness
Greater physical endurance and flexibility
Better control over weight gain
Increased libido and sexual performance.