Daily Prepared Food


4th Generation is quickly becoming famous for its unbelievable selection of raw and vegan prepared dishes. Our vegan deli case changes daily and features a large number of amazing salads, pate’s, and raw cheeses (made from cashews and/or macadamias). The case also highlights some of our store’s most popular items including our veggie and mushroom burgers, raw enchiladas and mozzarella sticks, macadamia cheese, and our legendary kale salad which sells so fast we can hardly keep it on our plate.



Prepared Hot Foods

Each morning the amazing chefs in the 4th Generation kitchen cook up 6-8 yummy hot dishes for you to bring home for lunch or dinner. The selection changes but always features at least two vegan dishes that even carnivores love! Some popular dishes to hit the hot case so far include: the vegan lasagna, tempeh chili, tofu basil with rice, chicken enchiladas, jambalaya, turkey meatballs, and chicken curry. And remember, the hot case closes an hour before we close so get here early!



Here at 4th Generation we feature desserts and pastries made fresh daily. They are delicious and 100% Dairy & Gluten-Free, we even make our own Raw Vegan Ice Cream. Each day you will find heavenly pecan brownies, scrumptious apple crumbles, and a vegan carrot cake that will keep you coming back for more. Also a large portion of our desserts are prepared raw including at least 5 types of macaroons, apple turnovers, chia pudding, our famous blissed out brownies, and strawberry and blueberry cheesecakes made from cashews.